Grace - fresh vital worship since 1993

Creed from Another World Is Possible

We are of all genders, ethnicities, backgrounds and dis/abilities. We stand together with Christians all over the world.

We are called to love one another and to be a healing community seeking the wholeness and liberation of all people.

We want to minimise the separation between those leading and the ‘congregation’ through interaction and opportunities to contribute.

We offer hospitality to all.

We engage with everyday life and connect with culture.

Grace gives itself permission to push its own edges, take risks, not be afraid to fail, think outside the Grace box, try new things, reinvent Grace.

Each human life is a gift from God. Each person has equal worth and value. We stand in solidarity against any relationships practices or structures which deny or undermine this belief.

The resources of the Earth are God’s gifts to us, for which we are called to take responsibility and show care.

We are called to live simply, identify with the poor and know that our possessions and wealth and gifts from God, to be shared for the common good.

We value human creativity as a gift from God.

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