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Speaking of God - Confession

Where our choice of words has concealed the riches of your character,
has distorted our understanding of your nature
and has kept you hidden from those who seek you
Nurturing God, forgive us

Where we have created you in our own image,
have thought of you in purely human terms,
have used words to tie you down and box you in
Renewing God, forgive us

Where the language we use for each has upheld sinful power structures instead of subverting them,
where our words have excluded women and privileged men,
have silenced the poor and ignored the disadvantaged,
have dishonoured ethnicity and rejected diversity
Energising God, forgive us

Hear now the words of Jesus for all who are truly sorry and who seek to renew their lives and their language:
your sins are forgiven;
go in peace;
come and follow me.

Holy God
open our eyes
expand our vocabulary
broaden our understanding
enrich our worship
so that we can praise you and know you in ways less idolatrous and more liberating

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