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The table is ready

Welcome to the table!
The table,
eating and drinking,
sharing stories,
laughter and tears,
honest conversation,
being real,
finding a place of acceptance
amongst friends and family
has been at the heart of community and the Christian faith for as long as we know.
Jesus kick started the whole thing when he broke bread and drank wine with his friends.

Thank you for coming to share in this meal, this table today.
September is the start of a new season for Grace.
It's a time when we pause as a community -
pause to consider and commit ourselves afresh to God
pause to consider and commit ourselves afresh to one another
pause to consider and commit ourselves afresh to the ethos which is at the heart of our life together.
What better way to do that than in the context of a community meal?

So close your eyes
take a deep breath and pause...

God we invite you to be present at the table with us
Our companion
Companion means friend but the root of the word 'com panis' means one who breaks bread with another.
You are our companion and bread breaker.
And we gather as friends, companions to break bread with one another.
Thank you for your friendship,
thank you for one another
thank you for Grace
thank you for this food and drink
Be in our midst
In the name of Christ

Eat, drink, you who hunger and thirst,
For a deeper faith, for a better life, for a fairer world,
For healing and wholeness
The table is ready!

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