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Welcome prayer from the 'Hospitality' service.

There are no special places
There is no head of the table
There are no VIPs
There is no honoured guest
There is no standing
There are no servants
There are no exceptions

The door is open
The table has room
The food is plentiful
The water is cool
The company is warm
The rest is undisturbed
The shelter is total

The welcome is universal
The entrance is free
The invitation is open
The hand is extended
There is no time limit
The time is now
The meal is served

Eat and Drink
Be yourself
Be one with us
Be one with God

Whether you deserve it or not
Whether you think you deserve it or not

All are welcome - You are welcome
Christ welcomed his brothers and sisters to the table,
he washed them as a servant washes important visitors,
he fed them as parents feed their children,
he laughed with them as friends laugh together,
he blessed them as a host blesses guests,
he loved them as God loves all creation.

By Mark Berry. Used with permission.

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