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Summer is over (origami birds)

summer is over
an end to sitting on the fence
a voice beneath your certainties
shakes the settled patterns
like a colder breeze that heralds distant winter

strange lands lie waiting
beyond your southern horizon
summer is over,
and you must go or perish
here in a world no longer yours
or on the way, but in hope
your star and compass often dark
glimpsed briefly between clouds

at journey's end, another summer
not like the first one
new seeds, new fruit to refresh the migrant
burnt by life between summers
warmed for a season
until the north calls again

like the inner call of the migrating bird, where does god call you?
where is your bird migrating to?
what do you want to do for god?
what do you need along the way?

take one of the sheets of paper and write your hopes and prayers for the journey ahead on the reverse side, the side without the instructions. then we're going to fold them to make origami birds...

and the pictures of the results are here

music was 'sunset' off 'aerial' by kate bush:

who knows who wrote that song of summer
that blackbirds sing at dusk?
this is a song of colour
where sands sing in crimson, red and rust
then climb into bed and turn to dust

every sleepy light / must say goodbye / to the day before it dies
in a sea of honey / a sky of honey
keep us close to your heart / so if the sky turns dark
we may live on / in comets and stars...

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